‘Bio Beauty Bar is an artisan collection of natural, hand-crafted skin and hair care’. Bio Beauty Bar products are formulated in small fresh batches from quality, food-grade and therapeutic essential oils. They work with either organic, raw, plant-based ingredients or a combination of these and ranges also include vegan products. Ingredients are ethically sourced with a lot of them from Ghana (West Africa) where such ingredients are grown organically on farms older than us.

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To promote healthy living in Africa by highlighting and providing tips on lifestyles that enhance your fitness, fashion, and Natural hair habits.

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A boutique cosmetic producer that creates products which ignite the sense and soothe the soul. Handmade with 100% organic ingredients & love.


Skin Gourmet’s Skin Care products are Handmade with only the finest and purest ingredients. Nothing artificial, never processed only pure natural goodness.

” We keep in mind that every body is unique, and each person’s path to vibrant living may be different. This is why we are concerned with both internal and external health, as anything we put on our skin will go into our body, and what we put in our body will show on our skin. This is why was have designed a skin care line that is 100% organic, natural and chemical free. Through our organic and natural products we intend to create Love of Self, Love of Nature, Love of Others and Love for our Planet. “


Tree of Life Botanicals is a herbal cosmetic online shop offering high quality natural health care products, made with ethic and a strong quality control. Herbal remedies are hand made with love and the best ingredients. The products are designed by a Belgian herbalist and hand made in Ghana.