Anago Bags in Accra again

We are thrilled to be hosting the launch of AnaGo Bags latest collection in Accra this weekend! For those of you who know them, you already you know why… for those who don’t… well, you’re in for a treat!

A little background… Anago bags designer IIhem is Algerian, born in Niger, raised in Mali and Benin, and now calls Togo her home. Inspired by her mother’s fashion career, she created Anango, a collection of unique, contemporary clutch bags. From her wax print bags to the beautifully embroided, to the art canvas bags, it is obvious that her multi cultural background influences her creations. IIhem uses cotton, silk and even kente woven in Togo. The clutch bags are usually bright in appearance with complex designs, making plain outfit days that much more exciting. Their understated ethnicity, the unexpected marriage of colors and the fact each hand made bag is one of a kind are just some of the reasons to fall in love with them.

IIhem’s great relationship with local weavers, dyers, artists etc. allows her to comfortably create without boarders. For her latest collection, she hired the very talented E.O. Dartey who adapted his series of “Concerned Women” paintings for use on these unique bags.

Come and join us this Saturday from 4pm to meet the designer, the artist and these beautiful creations!

Saturday | 09.07.2016 | 4pm | Elle Lokko | f604/1 Lokko Road, Osu, Accra


Anago Bags